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The question to run for office or not should not be merely dependent on whether you can do good *in* office, but also upon how you can influence the race even if you do NOT make it in. There are ways that well spoken intellectual conservatives can influence the very discussions we have in ways that are useful even if ultimately you are not elected.

As to what you can do in the legislature, consider not only the legislation you would help create or instanciate, but also the legislation that might NOT get created because you are there, laws that get voted down or significantly changed.

I believe it is very likely that 2010 will be a blood bath for the Democrats--if the economy doesn't turn around soon there won't be enough re-growth to help them. "We" (conservatives, not Republicans) need to get *smart* *conservative* people in the party to at least guide the GoP in the right direction. The GoP is mostly concerned with winning, not with the Right Thing. Somehow we need to do both.

If you do nothing but stand aside history and yell STOP it's worth doing.

I rarely comment on postings, but yours, Petro, intrigues me.

Many years ago, an artist-friend explained to me the concept of "negative space." I've never been the same! She told me that when I look at a building, for example, that I should mentally block out the building and look at its surroundings -- I should study the skyline, the adjoining buildings, etc. Only after studying the context or negative space should I look at the "thing itself."

In a political context, your comments reminded me of negative space because its not just what I hope to do, my positive acts, but what I hope to prevent. I saw only myself, not the bigger picture. I saw only my own political vision, not the larger context of warring visions.

And you corrected me. Thank you.

This conversation was enlightening. Thank you both.

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